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The cooler used for heating is more efficient and the prospect of gas heater is good.

Recently, the cold air has caused a sharp drop in temperature in most parts of the country, especially in the northern part of China. The reporter visited the big home appliance stores in Beijing and found that the cold wind was blowing the heat of the heater market while the cold weather was blowing.

The rapid development of market competition is becoming more and more intense

The reporter learned from the China Household Electrical Appliance Association that in recent years, China's heater market has been showing a fast rising trend, especially the electric heater, with its advantages of light structure, low price, high heating efficiency, clean pollution and so on, so it is very popular with consumers. Because of this, in recent years, the whole electric heater industry has been growing at an annual rate of 10%, and its annual sales volume is close to 5 million units.

Although the heating device as a very strong seasonally small household appliances has not been the focus of the media, market and consumers, the huge market demand of the heater and the huge profit attract small household appliances. Now, many enterprises have entered. According to statistics, the production of heating devices is now produced. There are more than 500 manufacturers. The old household appliance giants, which disdain the small household electrical appliances industry, have turned the focus of strategic investment to the small household appliances industry, including the heaters, in the case of the growing maturity of the electric industry, the increasing rationality of the brand composition and the poor overall profit of the industry. The leading advantages of the powerful intervention of the home appliance giants have brought new challenges to the marketing, technology and design of the small household appliances, including the heaters, as well as the intensification of the competition in the heating device market.

Promotion of consumer demand for scientific and technological innovation

Once at a time, in the heating industry, the price is the only weapon in the market competition. In order to chase a bigger market share, enterprises try to reduce the cost and even sacrifice the quality of the products. "Technological innovation" is a luxury noun in the field of heating. But now, with the strong involvement of many home appliance giants, the market is becoming more mature, and technological innovation is gradually returning to the core of the industry competition.

Chen Gang, vice secretary general of the China Household Electrical Appliance Association, said in an interview with the reporter that from the market development trend in recent years, the consumption demand of the heater is developing from a single warm cold to the pursuit of health, safety and fashion, and the heating products have also developed into a collection of temperature, fashion, health and other elements. The high-tech products of the body.

Indeed, with the continuous improvement of consumer quality requirements for home life, the function of household heater has gradually exceeded the simple heating category, becoming a part of home decoration and personalized life. Consumers are increasingly inclined to get a more "delicate" warmth. Therefore, as the competition development trend of the whole small household appliance industry, the competition of the heater industry is not the pure price competition or the technical ability competition, but the competition of the comprehensive strength such as design, brand marketing and customer service. Excellent products meet the consumer's stylish and personalized needs in all aspects of product functionality, beauty and design, which also indicates a more systematic and professional competition for the heaters from the past simple price and marketing channels.

At present, the heater market is heating up with the drop of temperature, and its specialization and individuation trend is more and more prominent. It is precisely because the development of small household electrical appliances industry has entered a new stage. This winter's heater market has also become more vivid.

Standard forthcoming industry is expected to be standardized

In a long period of time, the consumers' cognition and demand for heating appliances only stay on the temperature level. As long as they can heat the heating quickly and continuously, it is a good heating equipment. However, with the improvement of the living standard of modern people, the demand for warmers has changed significantly. On the basis of good heating function, the consumer first considers the safety of the heater. The durable, low repair rate and no accident hidden danger are the best choice for the winter family. Secondly, people have many additional health requirements on the heater, can change the quality of the air in the room and inhibit the nourishment of the harmful substances. It is also an important condition for the technical content of a heater. Finally, the increasing aesthetic level of the consumer requires the design of the heater to be more personalized and fashionable, and the heater should truly become an artistic product of the decoration.

In the face of the brand new buying tendency of consumers, some heating appliances are far from meeting the requirements. As the entry threshold of the industry is low, the phenomenon of low price competition and good quality of a small number of manufacturers has occurred frequently, and more worrying is that from the results of the national and local spot checks in recent years, some of the safety indicators of the products are still unqualified. These fatal defects not only bring serious hidden danger to users' life and property safety, but also affect the normal use effect of products.

In order to change the current heater market chaos, the working group is working on a new warm heater standard to meet the needs of the consumer's collection. The vicious competition in the industry and the hidden dangers of product safety have been vigorously rectified. At that time, the heater market will be effectively regulated.


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