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Precautions for the use of outdoor gas heater

First, it is forbidden to use outdoor heaters in closed indoor areas.

Two, professional service personnel should be installed and maintained.

Three, improper installation, adjustment and alteration will result in personal injury and property loss.

Four, do not change the heater parts configuration to varying degrees.

Five, unless the factory recommends, it is forbidden to use other pressure reducing valves instead of the factory specified pressure reducing valves.

Six, it is forbidden to store gasoline and other inflammable and explosive gases and liquids around the heater.

Seven, use the soap solution before testing to detect air leakage (no ignition test).

Eight, the heater which has been detected is prohibited.

Nine, if you smell the gas smell, please turn off the cylinder valve immediately.

Ten, the heater is prohibited from being moved when working.

Eleven, do not move immediately after the heater is switched off until it reaches normal temperature.

Twelve, do not paint on the heater's large net, control panel and reflector.

Thirteen, there is no waste of garbage around the heater.

Fourteen, the gas bottle valve should be turned off when the heater is not used.

Fifteen, the heater should be switched off immediately in the following circumstances:

The 1. heater can not reach its due temperature for a long time.

2. the intermittently exploding sound is emitted during the use of gas heads (normally there are small noises after the gas is extinguished).

3. smell the smell of gas at the terminal connection of the yellow sticker on the gas head.

Sixteen, after the heater is repaired, please restore some protective devices.

Seventeen, adults and children should stay away from the high temperature area of the heater to avoid burns or clothing fires.

Eighteen, children should be carefully monitored by the family when they are in the heater range.

Nineteen, clothes and other inflammable materials should not be hung above the heater or too close to the heater.


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