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Cautions for the use of gas heater

For safe use of heaters, we must comply with the following points:

1, the location of gas heater: do not put clothes and inflammable materials on the gas heater. Do not allow gas heaters near chairs and fabrics. Do not move the gas heater from one room to another when the gas heater is ignited. Do not rely on gas heaters on walls, curtains or other items. Do not use gas heaters in sleeping rooms, bathrooms or bathrooms. When using a gas heater, the front side of the gas heater should always face the center of the room.

2, ventilation precautions: only in a well ventilated room. The use of gas heaters in any room must ensure good ventilation in the room. This ensures that there is enough fresh oxygen to replenish the gas heater. It can work well in the burning state, and at the same time make your room more comfortable.

3, safety protection device: the protective net above the ceramic plate is to prevent the human body and the object from touching the hot ceramic plate directly, so as to prevent the danger. Please do not remove the protective net at all times. This protection device is not enough to protect the children absolutely. Please don't leave your child alone in the room when the gas heater is lit.

Gas requirements

The use of propane and butane gases only

The maximum intake pressure of propane pressure reducing valve is not allowed to exceed 100 Pascal.

Pressure control valves and hoses must be in line with local standards.

The installed gas should be in line with the local model. If there is no local type, the general standard of liquefied petroleum gas storage should be used.

By your gas tank supplier check the gas tank has sunken, rust and damage prohibited, and do not use the damaged gas pressure reducing valve.

• do not connect a gas well that has not been adjusted to the heater.

When the gas tank is removed from the cylinder, the exhausted gas must be exhausted.


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